IREF & Digital

IREF is now positioned as an expert in the field of digital and more specifically in the field of “phygital”, at the heart of organized commerce networks and wishes to share its expertise with networks of all types of organized or associated commerce. . To this end, the IREF has created the commission for the digital transformation of the networks.

The digital transformation impacts trade, crafts, services and networked industry.

Networks will change profoundly by 2030 and we are entering the era of digital transformation of organized and associated commerce. Explanations by Michel Kahn, president of the IREF.

“The networks will change by 2030 and we today are like the caravel of Christopher Columbus, we have already left the coast and started the journey towards digital transformation. So it’s not so much the journey that counts, but its destination”.

Michel KAHN

president, iref


IREF has created a special commission for digital and supports you in the digital transformation of your network, all our experts will be able to answer your questions and support you in the digital transformation of your network. Fill out the form below now and we will contact you as soon as possible.