Franchising & Partnership

The Federation of European Franchising and Partnership Networks.

The IREF promotes all forms of independent organized trade (franchise, partnership, concession, brand license, commission-affiliation). It is recognized for its “Best Franchisees and Partners in France” competition.


What is IREF?

The IREF informs:

Companies that want to create and develop a brand / concept / franchise or affiliate network.

Candidates who are interested in joining a Franchise or Independent Organized Trade network

Professionals and service providers who wish to present their service offerings and products to franchise or partnership networks.


Why join IREF?

I wish :


Become a franchisor

Or create a network


Integrate a network

Become a franchisee or partner


Propose an offer to the networks

Become a supplier or service provider


Be recognized as an expert

Become an expert partner of IREF

The IREF Competition

Participate in the IREF Contest

Every year and since 1987, the famous competition “Best Franchisees & Partners of France” rewards the successful units of the networks, the major brands and the personalities who impose themselves in the economic and commercial landscape of France.

The college of IREF experts

Discover the expert members of IREF

The media that support the IREF